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Please join us for the OLLI Winter Warm-Up!

If you are new to OLLI, the Winter Warm-Up offers a complimentary sample of courses that are scheduled to take place from late January through early February and will be held online via Zoom.

Registration is now open for members and nonmembers. Join us for as many courses as you wish and consider sharing this page with a friend or two! View an upcoming event for more details and to register.

OLLI Winter Warm-Up: Offshore Outposts

Members Only: No (Complimentary Course)
When: February 3, 2022
Where: Online/Zoom
The Great Lakes is home to 388 lighthouses, which not only mark harbors but also guide ships around underwater obstructions. Join Ric Mixter as he shares stories of how men survived working on these desolate towers known as lighthouses.

OLLI Winter Warm-Up: Who Was a Suffragist? A More Diverse View

Members Only: No (Complimentary Course)
When: February 11, 2022
Where: Online/Zoom
Join Cathleen Cahill, Penn State historian, as she offers a revealing look at an inspiring new history of woman suffrage. Explore the hidden histories of women who fought for their equality.