Message from the Director

Jennifer Geubtner-MayAnother calendar year has passed, and I want to acknowledge the work of so many that made 2023 a year of records. Registrations for courses in 2023 surpassed any other year by more than 1,000, aligning with our ongoing mission of enhancing and enriching the lives of our members through education. Furthermore, OLLI’s extended reach advances the University’s values and land-grant mission of public service. I am proud of all that OLLI brings to the Penn State community and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

In addition to the 282 courses that OLLI offered in 2023, we held fifty social events, 650 members took advantage of our six Special Interest Groups (SIGs,) four online Lecture Series presentations were shared with OLLI members and the larger community, and the generosity of our members enabled us to raise $38,000 during Give Local York. It truly was a remarkable year.

So, what more could a director ask for? In 2024, I would like to see an increase of new volunteers. We have amazing, dedicated volunteers that made all of the 2023 accomplishments possible. But many of our volunteers are ready to pass the baton, to assist others as they step into volunteer roles. As with everything at OLLI, you choose your path, time commitment, and degree of involvement. In early 2024, we will have opportunities to explore volunteering at OLLI, I hope you will consider attending.


Jennifer Geubtner-May, Ed.D.