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Social Group / Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinators

With approval from the director, OLLI members may form Social Groups or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) they wish to lead.

Group Leader Responsibilities

  • Draft or revise the Social or Special Interest Group promotional description for the catalog.
  • Plan all group activities including scheduling meeting locations, at no cost to Penn State or OLLI.
  • Maintain an email listserv of all OLLI members who request to be notified of the group’s activities.
  • Send email communications to those on the listserv of all upcoming activities.
  • Make sure new members are welcomed into the group. Note: SIGs and Social Groups must remain open to all OLLI members who wish to participate. If a group gets too large to accommodate new members, it is the leader’s responsibility to start additional groups.
  • Ensure participants follow basic safety practices.
  • Follow OLLI’s IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY instructions if there is a medical emergency.
  • Designate another group member to lead the group upon request.
    Note: For SIGs or Social Groups that have a physical activity component (e.g., hiking, biking), leaders MUST use, and keep with them, the OLLI sign-up sheet for each activity. This sheet, which contains each participant’s name, emergency contact/phone number, and confirmation of membership, can be obtained by calling the OLLI University Park office at (814) 867-4278.

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