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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are created and led by OLLI members who decide to continue meeting on a regular basis to further pursue an area of study or interest. SIGs are open to all members, but registration is required.


The knitting group meets weekly. All skill levels of knitting and crochet are welcome. This group is very informal but does send out a weekly reminder to those who regularly attend. Sometimes only two people come, other times there can be as many as ten or twelve!

Email group coordinator Judy Leece at to register or for more information.


The cycling group traverses routes of varied difficulty and length, meeting in the warmer months.

Email group coordinator Phil Shar at to register or for more information.

Walking and Hiking 

The walking and hiking group meets at local parks and trails in the warmer months. The length of the hike is shared prior to each hike. Some hikes involve geocaching, but the goal is for light exercise, fresh air, and camaraderie.

Email group coordinator Patti Baughman at to register or for more information.

Spouses Speak

The Spouses Speak group is designed for and dedicated to OLLI spouses who are caregivers for their partners. We draw on collective expertise and wisdom to support one another. This SIG provides a safe space to discuss, connect, share, think ahead, and to tend to your own very critical needs. We meet monthly.

Email group coordinator Bernadette Black at to register or for more information.

Two members hiking in the woods