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Director’s Welcome, Spring 2024

Welcome to our spring 2024 semester! While you peruse the pages of our catalog and contemplate the courses you will take, I encourage you to consider how else you may engage in, with, or for OLLI this coming semester. Lifelong learning is at the core of our mission; however there is so much more to explore through OLLI!

Through our special interest groups, social activities, and travel opportunities, there is a place, time, and group of people ready to welcome you in! Whether you are looking to learn, be creative, socialize with others, or give back to our local community, there is a group or committee within OLLI that can fulfill that need. If you are new to the area, looking to meet new people, or simply want to have some fun, consider attending one of our wonderful social events. If you are looking to get more involved, consider joining one of our committees — they truly do impact the focus and direction of our organization, and many are seeking new members. And, finally, did you know that any OLLI member can start a special interest group? All you need to do is reach out to the OLLI staff and we will help get you started!

In conversations with OLLI members, I have heard wonderful stories of friendships developed, passions explored, and new locales visited. I am inspired by the sense of curiosity and dedication to personal development I witness through them every day and hope you will explore the same possibilities in this coming semester.